The lockdown to continue until 31 May

The quarantine regime on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania is effective from 16 March 2020, 00:00, until 31 May 2020, 24:00.

From 15 May, individuals who are not displaying symptoms and who have the citizenship, residence permit or right of residence or whose permanent place of residence according the population register is in the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Latvia or the Republic of Lithuania, are free to cross the national borders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. They must follow the local orders and requirements on the containment of the virus, and there is no obligatory quarantine. When returning to Estonia from third countries through Latvia or Lithuania (i.e., when using them as transit countries), quarantine is still required.

Entrance to the territory of the Republic of Lithuania is also allowed for:

  • foreigners who are family members of the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania (parents (adoptive parents), children (adopted children), spouses and carers);
  • the crew members, who are employed in Lithuanian companies engaged in international commercial transportation, or who carry out international commercial transportation by all the means of transport;
  • persons holding a national visa and arriving for the purpose of work, business or studies;
  • persons entitled to reside in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • persons enjoying immunities and privileges under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961) and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (1963);
  • persons serving in NATO and NATO military units and the personnel serving them and their family members;
  • health professionals arriving for the provision of transplant services;
  • the foreigners who, in exceptional cases, shall be allowed entry to the Republic of Lithuania on the basis of an individual permission by a minister holding the jurisdiction in the respective realm, and whose entry has been approved by the Government.

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