Cultural and Educational Co-operation

The cultural co-operation between three Baltic states is based  upon inter-ministerial trilateral agreement of co-operation which was signed in 1994. This is the basis for more detailed co-operation programs for 3 up to 4 years. The current program of co-operation for the time period of 2015 – 2018 was signed in 2014 in Tallinn. The next program is scheduled to be signed in 2018 in Vilnius.

The Estonia Ministry of Culture has excellent co-operation with the relevant ministries in Vilnius and in Riga and the trilateral meetings are organized on regular basis. Estonian Embassies in Vilnius and Tallinn actively help to introduce the culture of their nations to others. More detailed overview of the past cultural events can be found at the website of the Estonian Embassy in Vilnius and its Facebook account:

In 2018 several important cultural events will be organized to celebrate the Estonian and Lithuanian 100th anniversary. The Estonian National Male Choir will perform together with the Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra in January 2018 and the concerts will take place in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda. They will perform the compositions of Erkki-Sven Tüür and Juste Janulyte. In April 2018 the same repertoire will be performed in Estonia. The Estonian National Opera will exchange stage with the Lithuanian National Opera. In May 2018 the Estonian National Opera will have three performances in Vilnius, in June 2018 the Lithuanian National Opera in turn will have three performances in Estonia. In 2018, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be the featured guests at London Book Fair. In Spring 2018 the exhibition „Symbolism of the Baltic States“ will be opened at Orsay Museum in Paris.

Activities of Estonian Community in Lithuania are directed towards preservation of Estonian customs and traditions, presenting Estonian culture, celebrating together Estonia-related holidays (Independence Day, Midsummer Night, Christmas). Also attention is paid to cherishing the Estonian language. There is a dominical school, where 10-14 children are taught of Estonian language and culture.

On March 30, 2012 the Latvian and Lithuanian languages auditorium and a cabinet-library were opened at the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures at Tartu University. Since 2004 Estonian language has been taught as a combined specialty (Lithuanian and Estonian languages) at Vilnius University. In 2008 the first course of philologists who were specialized in Estonian language graduated from Vilnius University.