Consular Services

Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Vilnius provides the following consular services:

  • ensures to the Estonian citizen, holding the right to vote and residing in a consular district, possibility to exercise his right to vote in accordance with the law on elections of Riikogu;
  • accepts application by Estonian citizen, permanently or temporarily residing in the consular district, for issue of the Estonian passport and/or ID cards gives over processed passport;
  • accepts application by an Estonian citizen, residing abroad, on renouncement of the Estonian citizenship and issues appropriate documentation;
  • issues certificates, also copies and certificates of civil acts;
  • represents the minors and other persons lacking full capacity who are nationals of Estonia; safeguards his rights and interests, within the limits imposed by the laws and regulations until he has his representative.
  • issues certificates on circumstances, known to consul;
  • legalises the documents, within limits of its competence performs notary functions;
  • safeguards rights of detained or imprisoned Estonian citizen in the territory of the consular district;
  • issues certificates and return documents to Estonia;
  • advices Estonian citizen in the consular district on urgent financial assistance;
  • accepts applications for residence and work in Estonia permits; gives over residence and work in Estonia permits;
  • performs other consular functions, entrusted by laws and regulations